City Busses

Beeeep. Good Morning.

Beeeep. Thank you.

Beeeep. Good Morning.

On Wednesday morning I took the city bus. For the first time.

As I sat in my seat watching the friendly bus driver greet the regulars as they scanned their cards to get on, I felt so proud of myself for taking the bus.

But, as I thought about it, I realized that it’s quite silly that I have never taken the city bus. It also made me realize that even with how environmentally friendly Minneapolis can be, it is really a very suburban, spread out metro area. I have no excuse now though, because I live right in Minneapolis, instead of the suburbs. In fact, the bus stop is two doors down from my house. (A bus just went past my window as I wrote that sentence.)

Anyway, I am writing tonight to say  a few things:

1. That Wednesday will not be my last time riding the bus.

2. I am planning a trip to Africa that will hopefully be very educational and enlightening, and I am hoping to leave next week. So, that is very often on my mind and I really hope it works out. (I bought a new Nikon camera in preparation!!)

3. I am looking into some cool things to write in this blog. I have high  hopes for this space, although it is currently kind of an overwhelming mystery to me. But I’m sure that will change… right now I’m just looking for a little motivation.

4. I’m hoping to take up running a lot more. Not only are the runners I see in Minneapolis generally in great shape, I feel like they experience such a special bond with the nature of the city. There’s no way to take in the crisp, quietness of Harriet or the Cedar Lake Trail in the morning except by being there!

Anyway, just wanted to make sure you know that I haven’t abandoned this blog already… I’ll be back soon hopefully with some interesting things to say!

Maybe I should hop back on the city bus to find some more motivation. Either way, Stay tuned!!



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