Hope for Copenhagen

It seems as though I may have placed too much weight on the negativity of Bill McKibben’s article yesterday and failed to focus on other current events.

According my my professor, Cal DeWitt this morning in lecture, the promise of Copenhagen is not quite as dire as McKibben made it seem.

Since the EPA released yesterday that they will now consider 6 greenhouse gasses, most notably carbon dioxide, as pollutants, that makes some major implications for President Obama’s potential coming actions in Copenhagen.

Last week, Obama announced that instead of dropping by Copenhagen at the beginning of the conference, he would instead attend the final week, which is when all the major action and decisions take place.

This, coupled with the EPA decision (under the leadership of Obama), could mean good news for the strength of Obama’s (and consequently, America’s) presence and effort in climate change mitigation.

It could be that McKibben’s article was a final nudge to encourage Obama to take the strongest possible stance from the US, hopefully much greater than the original 17% promise.

I hope Cal is right!

More to come soon.

In the meantime, here are some updates from day two

A summary by The Environmental Leader

And a “major players” list from the NYT

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