Feet on the ground.

I’ve really missed blogging.

Maybe the reason for my absence is that I don’t know what to say. My travels have underscored this whole semester and somehow college, new acquaintances, old friends, new cities, classes, my job, my brain, some books… they’ve all had a large role in putting such interesting and idealistic things into my head. Maybe I haven’t blogged because I’m scared that if I share them they’ll seem silly or unattainable. Or maybe it’s because I’ve really only been on one flight with wifi? What’s up with that?

Right now I think it’s because I’m just scatterbrained and can’t form complete thoughts.

College is coming to a close – it’s time to form complete thoughts. (Maybe even for a living?)

I’ll try to break it down.

First of all, I have traveled more this semester than any other time in my life. I’ve been lucky enough to come and go to DC (3 times), Boston, Minneapolis, L.A. (3 times), Michigan, Singapore (!) and Malaysia (!), and of course, Madison. Looking back, it seems like too much and not enough. (Here’s a sample.)

It’s too much because all the airports, waiting, taxis, waiting, expensive food, guilt about carbon emissions, missing my senior year in Madison, waiting, and always saying hello/goodbye is exhausting and expensive.

On the other hand, it has not been enough. I have a gift of such incredible freedom to go anywhere, and where have I gone? Why haven’t I been more places? When will I go? How could I possibly complain?

Despite this concern, I have dedicated myself to keeping my feet on the ground for a while, and I’m happy about that. Before I get into this, maybe I’ll get into what traveling has meant for me.

Travel has given me independence. It has taught me problem solving, patience, ability to make conversation, ability to ask for help. It has taken me some places to see something new, and others to see nothing new. I have had some of my best thoughts while sitting on an airplane or after I’d missed a connection and had four hours to kill and $2.50 to spend. It’s been both exciting and exhausting.

While I’ll probably make a few more trips before my flight benefits end later this year, here’s why I’m excited to stay put.

I’m excited to really get to know one place. I want to go on bike rides, figure out the bus system, find the best restaurants and farmers’ markets, and make a community. I want to be involved with something that matters there – not just watch and admire others who are.

I want to bike to work, and jog in the morning and pack a lunch (without it getting taken by TSA).

So, because of all those things, it’s goodbye to weekly traveling for now and hello to the rest of the semester, blogging, applying for jobs, saving money, and trying to live as close to no impact as I can to make up for it all.

This may seem less exciting to many than all the traveling, but I’m REALLY excited about this.

Here’s to 3 weeks in Madison!


p.s. It’s Earth Week. What are you guys doing for it??

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One thought on “Feet on the ground.

  1. Sally Almond says:

    Well said.
    Life is full of conflicts. Best we can hope for is to grow and learn to appreciate what they teach us.

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