Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy

But before I begin, I should follow up with yesterday’s post by saying that Mifflin yesterday was pretty wild.

Bloody Marys and pancakes, then Mifflin Street, followed by a long nap, and then a fun time at my friends’ apartment. I’m going to miss these days [of nothing to do] so much!

Anyway, the title of this post is something I’ve been thinking about and so has No Impact Man. He said in his book:

What  really filled me with despair, though, was that I didn’t believe that the way of life that was steadily wrecking the planet even made us happy. It would be one thing if we woke up the morning after a big blowout party, saw that we’d trashed our home, but  could at least say we had had a rip-roaring good time. But if I had to generalize, I would say that, on average, the 6.5 billion  people who share this globe are nowhere near as happy as they  could be.

Sadly, that might be true. Anyway, this funny video pairs nicely with the idea. However, while it is funny, I think it also may be quite profound.

You decide, and tell me what you think.


For more similar thoughts about the state of our happiness as it relates to the environment and society, check out this list. (I love this list.)


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