Biking is awesome

After a few bad car accidents, I’ve had the mentality that everyone behind the wheel of a car is trying to kill me.

However, after finally getting out on a bike a few times in the past couple days, I’ve loved it.

It makes me really excited to get over the butt-hurting phase and just get out an go: no over-heated car, no stopping at the pump. No better way to enjoy a beautiful day!

Anyway, I’m sorry for the blogs of lacking substance the past couple days. It’s been a whirlwind of studying, exam taking, saying goodbye, wishing I had more time with new friends, and being sad to leave old ones.

I’m leaving tomorrow and I haven’t so much as unzipped a suitcase to begin packing. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually might really miss it here.

Ok well, last night out on State Street tonight!

Cheers to all the other graduates and happy summertime,



One thought on “Biking is awesome

  1. We should all bike more. I have just gotten a bike but it needs repairs before it can be used.

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