What am I so happy about, you may ask?

No, it’s not the Twins’ performance in their 3 game series against the Brewers, or the fact that it’s at least 10 degrees hotter in my apartment than the outside world (and it was 86 on Wednesday…), but what I AM happy about is that I GOT A JOB TODAY!!

What. a. relief.

Seriously, there’s a limited number of days a girl can eat “legume marinara” (i.e. frozen peas, canned garbanzos, with $0.99 store-brand marinara on top. Microwaved.). I’ll be working at Clean Wisconsin, where I was fortunate to intern this semester, which is super awesome. I am so thrilled about it.

Anyway, my environmental musings of late have been more focused on enjoying what we’ve got, instead of  being upset about what we don’t or afraid of we’re about to lose, per my usual. I like the ability to shift focus between these three things and I also really like appreciating all that Wisconsin has as far as untamed, green, beautiful wilderness goes.

I’ve got another trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula planned this weekend, hopefully with some hiking and fishing and plenty of beach-walking penned in. Then, off to the office on Monday!

More educational and stimulating posts (and pictures) to come!

Happy summertime,


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