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Biking for fresh, local food

Last week's CSA loot- it was pretty funny trying to bike home with my bag that full!

Hello everyone!

I hope your summers are going well. ‘Tis the season for fresh zucchini and sweet tomatoes… so you know mine is. 🙂

Anyway, this September 11,  hundreds of Madison and Dane County residents, Sam, and I will bike 62 miles to raise money for the Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition, a group that brings  fresh, organic food from local farms to low income families in the community.

I am really excited both for the cause and the ride (read: the food breaks). MACSAC does wonderful things in the name of creating a sustainable, local food system in Dane County… and that’s an issue I’m really excited to support.

Here are some links to learn more about it or bike yourself.

Finally, participants are urged to fundraise for the coalition, so if you support the cause, you should check out the links below and pitch in whatever you can. We’ll really appreciate it!

**If you want to donate to our ride, I would encourage you to check out this page!


Jenny (and Sam)

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My Green Life: The Introduction

My last real post was June 24th. That’s a long time for the blogging world, but for me personally, that seems like a lifetime ago. (And in some ways, it was.)

Even though this blog so far has been about my green living in general, I have titled this post, “The Introduction” because I feel as though my adult life began sometime in late June, and that’s what requires an introduction.

I promise future posts will be a bit more directly eco-focused, but for my friends, family, and anyone else who cares about the more exciting aspects of my personal life… you should stay tuned.

Chapter One:

(Just kidding, I hope it won’t really be that long.)

It all starts with Clean Wisconsin, an environmental non-profit in downtown Madison.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I had the most awesome internship there last semester. I learned a great deal about writing, media, how to present clean energy and the environment to a non-agreeing and/or political audience, how much a dedicated group of people can actually accomplish, and also how to deal with the failures that occasionally occur. More importantly, I gained confidence in myself as an almost-college grad and in my ability to write and communicate about the environment. For these lessons, I largely have my supervisors, Amanda Wegner and Sam Weis, to thank.

During this time and as a result of what I was learning (in school and at Clean Wisconsin), I started to question what I wanted with my post-grad plans and ended up making some crazy direction-changes and landed in Madison permanently. While I certainly never expected to be here, the lures of a strong environmental and socially progressive community, paired with proximity to fun adventures, good entertainment and, unexpectedly, my new boyfriend… Sam Weis… keep me here happily.

During my first few weeks in Madison after moving back from Minneapolis, I struggled to find a job and ensure my conscious (and Mom) that I’d done the right thing. Meanwhile, Sam and I hung out everyday and immediately connected. All these changes were exciting, but tainted by the fact that there was relatively low permanence to me being here because I had no roots here, place to live, or source of income.

Then, on June 25th I was offered a full-time job at Clean Wisconsin as the Membership Assistant, meaning that I get to talk to members, thank them for donations, get them involved, and help recruit new members (among other things). Then things really started to come together. Although it’s not the communications position I ideally wanted, I’m still working for an environmental cause, and even working to convince others why they should care about the environment. (And… I’m also working for a paycheck. Which is good.)

Questions I had upon coming here were almost entirely answered in such a short amount of time: Would things with Sam turn out to be as great as I (we) thought they would be? Would I find a job? Would I stay in Madison after this summer? Would I like it here?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

So, long story… not-that-short, I am now sitting in Sam and my flat on Madison’s east side, still sweaty from the bike ride home from work, typing this post, happy as could be. Sam and I have had a summer packed full of fun stuff that I’ve always wanted to do when picturing my pseudo-outdoorsy, environmentally-friendly life… going to Lake Superior and Devil’s Lake, hiking around the Porcupine Mountains, making driftwood bonfires on the beach, taking late night bike rides, pitching a hammock between two trees somewhere in Madison, cooking delicious foods…

Anyway, this was long and unsolicited, but I’m really excited about having a place of my/our own and finally getting to write about “green living” when dorm rooms, easy mac, and absent recycling collection are out of the picture. I’m excited about implementing all these green-living tips that I’ve come across during the Environmental Studies program at school … and getting to write about them!

Well, I’m excited about a lot of things.

Finally, just in case you, like me, are trying to figure out what to do with your CSA share this week (eggplant, peppers, basil, carrots, onion, broccoli) here’s a great, simple, & yummy Thai recipe I found. (Except add more spicy stuff and any other veggies you need to get rid of!)

More to come soon!


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