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New Directions. (Almost.)

Hello, Readers.

I know. You’re probably not there anymore because my last post was 4 whole months ago.

That’s ok though, because over the last 4 months, I’ve been doing important research for this space and discovering the real reason why I titled this environment-focused blog, “Welcome to the Good Life,” when I started it back in the spring of 2009. Ok not really. But, since June 1 of this year, I’ve lived a lifestyle that is incredibly environmentally considerate, but also one that has made me the happiest I’ve ever been. In other words, I’ve learned that it’s easy to “be green,” and what’s more: it’s actually pretty fun.

If you know me, I know what you’re thinking. The incredible boyfriend, awesome apartment, living in a very liberal and enviro-minded community, and having a job at an influential environmental non-profit helps with all of that, but I have recently discovered that this new found [non-college] environmentally friendly life I’m living, aside from making me happy,  also made me the healthiest, skinniest, most resourceful, and still frugal…. ever!

This picture doesn't really have to do with anything except me being happy. And hiking.

A while ago, I thought that I could just abandon my blog because Sam and I are so busy hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing… and ok, watching some TV, too (if you haven’t watched How I Met Your Mother, you really should. It’s hilarious.) on any of our free time post 5 o’clock. But, the blog has been slowly taunting me. I’ll think of a fun post idea or experience something funny or thought-provoking that I just can’t help but want to put in my blog. So anyway, today I gave in. While I’m not expecting anyone to read this, I’m also not expecting this post to be any good. So there.

Here’s why I wanted to write though.

This weekend I did so many things that were “normal” (aka I wasn’t doing them out of any strained environmental obligation), but that were so awesome and the kind of things I always hoped I would do but wasn’t sure if I actually would.

We: home-made really cute Christmas wrapping paper from paper bags, paint, and potatoes (carved into stamps shaped like Christmas trees, bells, bows, etc.). I made delicious (and beautiful!) roasted root vegetables for dinner from the CSA, we went back country skiing to enjoy the breathtaking winter scenery (picture: snow draped over every branch, nice sunset, powdery snow, etc.).

…and then other boring stuff like cleaning our apartment, making chocolate-walnut toffee (somewhat unsuccessfully, I hate to say) and movie-watching (Inception), which are all boring things that are actually incredibly satisfying and not particularly boring, except to write/read about.

ANYWAY, I don’t really know what to do with this space now that I’m back because very few are interested in hearing me go on about how lucky I am (except maybe you, Mom. Hi… I know you’re reading this…), but I do think I’ve gained some interesting insight on healthy/happy living that I look forward to sharing.

Ok, so I’ll take that thought and chew on it for a while (that, and some Christmas cookies and mediocre toffee) and get back to all… (one?)… of you with my “new directions.”

Ahhhhhh…. it feels good to be back!

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