Stalking Alaska

Moving to a place you’ve never been is a funny thing. I have been searching blogs, tourism websites and comment boards for a glimpse of what living in Anchorage is like.

Here are some gems I have found in my search. (And I apologize, but I have completely failed at citing any of this. My bad.)

The Bad:

“So, if you are planning on moving to Alaska, bring your rain gear and your anti-depression pills.”

“It’s freezing butt cold for 8 months out of the year”
“Isolated… you HAVE to fly if you want to go anywhere, unless you like paying a billion dollars in gas”
“People ask you if you really do live in igloos”
“Mosquitoes big enough to kill horses”
“At any rate, if you love shopping and trendy things, why don’t you try Seattle instead?”
The Good:
“if you like the wilderness and incredibly large open spaces, Alaska is the tops. I backpacked for a couple of weeks and thought it was the most beautiful place I had ever been- so many colors reflected in the mountain sides…and views to die for.”

“Gold and many places to find it need I say more.”

“there’s no sales tax and no income tax in Alaska. Yeah. Starting to sound like a good place to live, no?”

“Perhaps nowhere else combines the conveniences of the modern age with the freedom and adventure of living on the edge of a vast, unspoiled wilderness as do Anchorage and Alaska.”
“we’re the friendliest people in America.”
(This one is from a tourist website, to be fair:)
“Anchorage is a place where adventure and modern life go hand-in-hand. You can go ice climbing before work and skiing on one of the hundreds of groomed trails during your lunch hour. Then sit down to a meal at a world-class restaurant and cap the evening off with a Broadway show. Alaska’s largest city offers all the conveniences of urban life without compromising on solitude, adventure, and open spaces. Now that’s life.”
“Winters aren’t as bad as myth would have it. Anchorage actually has a warmer climate than other cold-weather cities like Chicago and Minneapolis because it’s on the ocean.”
This helps only a little bit. But at least now I know I can find gold. Need I say more?

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