Welcome to Alaska

Sam still won’t be here for two more weeks 😦 so I am in full-on, “Operation Distraction” mode. Luckily, Ryan and Shaina’s friend Jake invited them to crash a cabin trip he was planning to go on, and they invited me. And it was just what I needed.

The weather couldn’t have been better. The views – literally every direction you looked, as far as the eye could see – were breathtaking.


We took a scenic drive (above) from Anchorage, through Girdwood to a trailhead near Hope, AK. (Pictured below.)


We began our trip at the trailhead of the Resurrection Pass Trail. Aptly named, because it brings you back to life.


We had a 7 mile ski into the cutest little cabin.


I keep telling everyone I meet that it was easy for me to make the decision to move up here because of Sam’s excitement after he visited – I have never seen him so animated about anything. Now I understand why. This much beauty and ‘adventure potential’ is usually reserved for our annual, summertime 10-day vacation. We usually take a week off of work, pack up the car, drive far away, and cram as much adventure into those precious days as possible.

However, this kind of adventure came on a weekend trip where I slept at home on Friday night, packed on Saturday after brunch, and was back home at a decent hour on Sunday. I guess it’s the Alaska way. AND IT’S AWESOME.

IMG_0755Anyway, irregardless of the beauty all around me, the perfect skiing conditions, and the cutest little wooden cabin ever, the thing that really stood out to me about this trip was the people.

They were so welcoming, encouraging, funny, friendly… just good, good people.

As someone new here, that is so much appreciated and so comforting!

So, thank you to Ryan, Shaina, Jake, Aurora, Joel, Steven and Chelsie for giving me a proper introduction to Alaska. And well done!


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