Three Exciting Things

This week was mostly overtaken by work. However, three great things happened:

1. Sam and Debi left Wisconsin to make their way up here. They are currently in Manitoba – so it’s safe to say they still have a little ways to go….

Hopefully I’ll get them to post some updates from their roadtrip ūüôā

They're sleeping in A, headed to B tomorrow, and here I am in C.

They’re sleeping in A, headed to B tomorrow, and here I am in C.

2. I saw a moose! Finally! It was really awesome. I was running, so I didn’t have my phone at the time, meaning I don’t have a picture to share. Either way, they are HUGE and look like a combination of a horse and a camel. Kind of scary, but mostly just awesome. This also happened on a particularly fantastic run with a great sunset over the inlet and fantastic view of the city on the way back.

photo (2)

3. Today, some friends took me on a hike to Flattop trail. Here’s a little summary:

Flattop¬†is Alaska’s most frequently climbed mountain.¬† Located¬†13 miles from downtown Anchorage, the Glen Alps Parking lot in Chugach State Park is the jumping off point for many outstanding¬†hikes but¬†Flattop is by far the most¬†popular.¬† This¬†3-mile round-trip hike begins at 2,200 feet.¬† The 1,350′ elevation gain to the 3,550 foot summit¬†is easy at the begining, moderate with¬†railroad tie steps in the middle, and steep with firm footing on the headwall just below the top.”

Anyway, the trail was REALLY slippery. No one else seemed to have as much of a problem with it as I did, but it was an incredibly narrow trail on the side of a really steep mountain. It was worth it for the views in every direction. I will definitely do it again, but maybe in the summer next time!

As you can imagine, it’s always harder on the way down. After slowly struggling, everyone decided it was best to simply jump off the edge of the trail and slide down on our butts. I took a little convincing, but after a while I went for it.

That was actually pretty fun.

Alright. I’ll update more soon.




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