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Simple Pleasures- College Edition

There’s one week left of school (finals week), and then I will load up the car and move out of Madison.

This means that I’m wearing nothing but dirty laundry, I haven’t eaten any raw produce in I can’t remember how long, I never sleep (because during the week I’m studying and on the weekend I’m partying), and the only exercise I get is walking to class. Life is kind of pathetic in a hardcore kind of way.

Well, or just pathetic.

Tonight on the way home from studying (yes, it’s Saturday) Adi and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for her next baking miracle (check out her blog!) and we each bought an apple. It was awesome.

On the way home, we made a list of simple pleasures- the kind that you never really know how great they are until you go to college.

Enjoy, and then add some of your own.

  1. Sit down restaurants
  2. The first day that’s 40 degrees after winter and people are so excited they wear shorts
  3. The smell of the apartment when someone cooks or bakes
  4. An unexpected ‘A’
  5. Care packages
  6. Free beer
  7. Free anything
  8. Seeing puppies and babies
  9. Meeting boys in class, not at bars
  10. The first outdoor farmers’ market of the season
  11. Birthday shots
  12. The decision to be done working for the night
  13. Changing into pajamas after walking home from class on a rainy day
  14. Going back to bed after an early morning lecture
  15. Non-cumulative finals
  16. A lecture that applies to your life, not just the class
  17. Sitting on Bascom
  18. Clean sheets
  19. Nights out that end up being unexpectedly wild
  20. Girly music
  21. Eating dinner on the roof
  22. Thanksgiving break
  23. Good haircuts
  24. Das Boot
  25. Flowers
  26. Going somewhere that is not in walking distance
  27. Halloween costumes
  28. Class-is-canceled emails
  29. The times that studying is “nice”
  30. Appreciating that Madison is actually really pretty
  31. Margarita nights
  32. Your first apartment when you don’t have to wear flip-flops in the shower like at the dorms
  33. Game days when everyone on State Street is wearing red
  34. Free Chipotle on Halloween
  35. Parents in town = free dinner
  36. Discovering an awesome new song
  37. The walk home from your last final
  38. Finding a new study spot
  39. Cleverly-titled wireless >>>>
  40. A stocked pantry after grocery shopping
  41. Lighting candles
  42. Someone telling you that you look skinny/pretty/something other than tired
  43. Playing flip cup at bars
  44. Ice cream on the first warm day
  45. Texts from last night, stumble upon, facebook

46. Eating apples.

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