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First Impressions and Anchorage Fashion

Today was my first day living in Alaska. (I had to put that in italics for added emphasis because I kept telling people, “I live in Madison” or just saying things in such a way that makes them think I’m just visiting.)

Anyway, yesterday I [re]packed up all my stuff in Minnesota (except the big yellow boots pictured below because they would not fit into any of my suitcases no matter how hard I tried), loaded myself and my stuff on a plane, watched a couple of movies, and then landed in Anchorage. Little did I know, my boots look was simply preempting my good Anchorage style – the Minnesotans just couldn’t appreciate it as they should. More on this later.


Ryan gave me instructions to try to sit in a window seat on the starboard side of the plane and I am so glad I did. The view coming into the city was spectacular and I hope you all are making a mental note to do this for when you come to visit me :).


Shaina tells me Ryan also handled the decor for my temporary room while I stay with them. (Pictured left.) Pretty fancy, huh?

Anyway, thanks to Shaina’s kindness and ability to befriend really great people, I had a fantastic first day. We took a beautiful morning ski on the coastal trail. Then we grabbed some groceries (which were notably more expensive, as I was advised) and headed to Ryan and Shaina’s friends’ house for a cookout. After that, we made a pit stop at the REI clearance sale (you know, to update my wardrobe and fit in) before heading to the Bear Tooth for margaritas and to meet a couple other friends. Everyone I met was incredibly friendly and welcoming.

One interesting thing that came up was Shaina explaining to me that apparently Anchorage was voted America’s worst dressed city. I don’t think I’ve been here long enough to evaluate this on my own just yet, but there was a funny moment today when I asked Shaina if she planned to wear her ski clothes to the cookout, and she replied that she would probably just put a skirt on over them. So, I grabbed a Mountain Hardwear dress, and when the time came, I just threw it on over my ski pants and baselayer.

When in Rome…right?

Sure enough, at the cookout, one of Shaina’s friends was wearing a down skirt over some black leggings with an athletic top, and surprisingly, I think she looked really nice.

After this, I started noticing people’s clothes. And by that, I mean I saw seas of down jackets, Gore-Tex, and Patagonia as far as the eye could see. So, I’ve temporarily concluded that Anchorage is not the worst dressed city, it’s just the most comfortably dressed city.

I think I will like this. So far, so good!

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