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Don’t let studying get in the way of your education

This is what Cal DeWitt tells us.

I like this theory, but I’m not sure how to accomplish it when I have this calling my name:

My reading for one semester (not including online readings and handouts)

My reading for one semester.

(And that stack doesn’t include online readings and handouts. Whatever.)

Anyway, this weekend I have a LOT of exciting stuff going on that I’m going to try to accomplish and enjoy despite the hundreds of pages of reading that are calling my name!

Some events include:

-Listening to Michael Pollan’s talk TONIGHT at the Kohl Center on campus

-Creating a spending budget for the rest of the school year

-Applying for jobs/researching online freelance gigs.

-Attending a Michael Pollan meet and greet tomorrow morning for Environmental Studies students. (Pictures to come)

-Training for the race!

-Grocery shopping at the Farmers’ Market

-Making 2 Strawberry pies for a potluck on Wednesday

-Researching jobs/Peace Corps/Other cool things I could do next year  and how to pay for them

-Volunteering at the Food for Thought Festival


-Have fun/see my friends/relax? (Maybe?)

-Blog about it all!

Wish me luck.

Off to Pollan’s talk now!

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