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Economy, oil spill and applications

I can’t quite remember how many jobs I’ve applied for now, but it’s well into the double digits.

I’ve received automatic HR emails from two, and nothing from the rest (well, except a rejection from one). It’s hard to keep writing about how great I am with such dismal results so far, although I’m surprised to still come across jobs at organizations that are doing wonderful things for Wisconsin’s environment and citizens. I hope one of them lets me help out! And give me benefits…..

What else is going on in my life aside from editing and re-editing my resume and drafting cover letters?


– On Tuesday I had a can of garbanzo beans with salad dressing for lunch. Delicious.

– I’m also in the beginning stages of training for a half marathon (as promised!). I’m really excited about this free, healthy excuse to be outdoors – daily!

– Yesterday, an enviro-friend and I re-committed ourselves to sticking to this guide for sustainable fish- dining after a guilt-ridden spicy tuna roll. It was delicious, but my enjoyment was tainted by my free-riding, sad, species-endangering conscience. Anyway, here’s the link. use it. (And read more food suggestions here.) In addition to this, I’m also going to try to cut out Styrofoam completely. Here are some facts about why it’s pretty bad for the environment, or you can take my word for it!

Finally, the oil spill has been on my mind a lot. Ugh, it’s just so sad. I don’t want to ruin everyone’s day by discussing it too extensively, although this is a GREAT reflection on that matter, but here is something interesting that Sam found:

As of March 19, 2009, for the first time, Gallup found that Americans were more concerned with the economy than they were with the environment. (Click on the image for the full article)

However, as of May 27, 2010, the Oil Spill seems to have changed this.

Way to look on the bright side in a bad, bad, bad situation! Have a look at this!

This is why we should keep talking about it (here’s an interesting way to do so, thanks to my friends at Clean Wisconsin for the link), ignoring every single thing Sarah Palin ever says, and promoting clean, renewable energy.

But actually, right now!

(ideas: letter to the editor, call your legislator, write Obama!)

Optimistically yours,


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You may have noticed by now that I didn’t make it through my month of consecutive writing.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t make it, but life has been doing crazy things to me lately, and keeping up with the blog proved to be too tough during this time. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. On Sunday, May 16 I graduated from college and moved home.

2. That Wednesday I went to LA for the week to celebrate my sister’s graduation and wedding shower.

3. I returned to Minneapolis on the following Sunday, May 22 and decided to move back to Madison to find a job, try out financial independence, and explore Wisconsin’s beautiful outdoors on the weekends.

4. Last week I looked for jobs and tied some loose ends with school things.

5. Friday, May 28 I went to Ontonagon, MI to explore a teeny-tiny bit of the shores of Lake Superior and Porcupine Mountains.

6. Today (Wednesday, June 2) I sit on my bed in my apartment JOB SEARCHING!

Given recent (and unexpected) changes in my life, I think a new angle for this blog is in order. While I would love my dream of environmental communications to come true, I recognize that this is currently: a. incredibly vague, and b. likely unavailable given my, er…. limited, career history.

So instead, the focus of this space will be to provide insight on how a broke, young, semi-inexperienced environmentalist will attempt to pay the bills and better the environment in the process, whether I work for a directly environmental cause or not.

My current cause: job searching.

Stay tuned!