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Planet Connect Project!

To my 14-19 year old audience:

Planet Connect, a social media site about environmental issues for high school students, is holding a really neat contest that I want everyone to know about.

If you and your friends come up with a new and creative idea of how to help the environment in your community or school, you could receive $1,000 and an environment-related internship! I think this is such a fun contest!

Some ideas I was thinking for my home town:

-New, fun environmental education for elementary schoolers

-Local foods in the cafeteria, or a local food bake sale (to educate people about the benefits of eating local and possibly highlight some CSAs nearby)

-Calculate the carbon footprint of an average person at your school, how you could reduce it, and find cool ways to educate

-A publicity campaign to tell people why it’s important to be involved with the environment and help out

-A short film to show at your school

The ideas are endless!

I know this isn’t like my usual posts, but I think it’s a good thing to get you thinking about something YOU can do, and in this case, potentially see a really cool reward for yourself and your city.

Happy brainstorming!


If you want to find out more, click here.

One last note, you have to act fast! The deadline is November 15!

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