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Keeping things in perspective

Guess what?

Today I found out that I FAILED MY FIRST EXAM OF COLLEGE. 36 out of 78. Officially. Failing.

It was in econ. There are no excuses for this poor display of academic ability and dedication, but after 4 years of humanities and social science-type learning, my brain doesn’t do too well in econ language.

But I know, no excuses.

On one hand, this was very saddening news that made me question my intelligence and commitment.

Ok that’s a lie. It really only made me freak out, because if I fail econ this semester I don’t graduate this semester!!

But I’m not gonna fail econ.

So, on the other hand (the better hand), I’ll just be a little happy that I waited until the second semester of my senior year to fail an exam. Maybe it’s because of all this —->

No, it’s not.

It was because lately, I am really focused on post-graduation and the exciting life I have ahead of me instead of studying for silly things like econ exams.

So, in order to get all this non-studying excitement out of my system, I’ve decided to make a list of exciting things that I hope happen in my life.

It’ll just be right here on the Internet me to check back on anytime I need to, and THEN maybe I can concentrate on school a little better.

K. here goes:

1. Graduate college

2. Attend my sister’s graduation and wedding (!!!) in LA this summer (**Edit** and Go to Vegas for the Bach party!)

3. Train for and run a 1/2 marathon with my Dad and my sister

4. Go to Ecuador (hopefully with my friend Andrea) doing some sort of conservation volunteering

5. Bike from Minneapolis to Duluth and back with my friend Allegra (and meet cool people in the process)

6. …buy a bike?

7. Apply for jobs and don’t accept one I’m not excited about

8. Continue to develop my blog and online “brand” (and do interesting things with my life so I have something worthwhile to share)

9. Go to Asia for spring break

10. Live life without owning a car until I have children

Tonight's creation

11. Cook a lot, and become a wonderful culinarian like my MOM!

Ok that’s good for now.

Homework time.

oh, one more thing, would you mind logging on to http://www.facebook.com/cleanwisconsin and click “become a fan.” This is where I’m interning this semester, and trust me, Clean Wisconsin is up to a lot of cool stuff you wanna know about!!

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